Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tired and retired

I've taken a break from watching this place; after the huge commotion some time ago they've gotten even more paranoid. They even buffed out their wards and installed an electric fence. Even Kobold can't exactly get by that with only brute force. All I can hope for is something bigger to happen; maybe then, I can.

Until then I'm chilling like a villain with Kobold. He's actually pretty good at cards. I've still managed to win plenty off of him, though.

When I've got a big, complicated job like this one, I don't ever try and lure anyone else. I have to let my mind expand and my body relax so I'm tight, focused, and prepared when the moment comes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stalking horse

Or stalking house. While Kobold watches our motel room I'm watching this mansion. It's not exactly the safest place, either. Branches falling on people, for one. But I'm being patient. I'm good at that. Any good stalker knows he needs to be patient. Like the Boss. Damn, but the Boss is as patient as they come.

The people here aren't exactly sane. I saw one of them yelling at a doll. Granted, it's a possessed doll, but still. And the place just keeps getting fuller and fuller. People are showing up nearly every other day, it seems like. I don't know why the hell everyone's flocking here, but it sure explains the amount of other people staking out the place. One well-timed attack by the Boss and they'd all be dead.

Something's stopping me from getting onto the grounds themselves. I was never a magical kind of guy, but I think those in the profession call them "wards".

Anyway, there's one kid I think will be a good target. Hehe. Look out, brat.