Friday, September 16, 2011

Inaction, in action

Yawwwwn. That was a good rest! But it's time to get busy.

Or I should say, it's been time to have gotten busy - or it will have been time to be getting busy - or we have been getting busy in time - we've grabbed him.

This one's a toughie; we won't be able to turn him soon if at all, but we can certainly cause a bit more trouble for the morons. It's thanks to their blunders and blatant ignoring of several high-profile threats that Kobold and I are able to pull this off in the first place. Maybe if I was a good blogger I would have updated sooner, but observations had to get tight; they increased security around the mansion like nobody's business, and I had to focus. And Kobold can't read or write. Not that he could manage to tap out a message anyway, with his huge hands.

We're hiding out in our safehouse, anyway, and it's not like any of them will be able to mount a resistance for at least a week or so. Though that little girl could prove to be trouble...

That body-snatcher guy that got shot, though...he looks about as interesting a target as this brat.

Anyway. We'll post if anything happens - or if we get anything useful out of him. Timothy Keith, is it? Hehehehe.

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