Friday, September 23, 2011

Let them eat cake

Sheesh! This kid isn't taking it so well. His hair has literally turned white from grief. Or sadness. Or homesickness.


It was probably the dye.

But we've moved him away from our motel room and into the safehouse. And I'm not going to say where that is, because as bratty as she is - even moreso than Timmy here - I don't doubt that this girl will be trying her hardest to come after us. I'm also not going to let him use his blog or his Twitter, just in case he manages to reveal where we are. We blindfolded him on the way here, but you never know...Runners are good with locations, after all. It's in their nature. So much running from the Boss seems to give them a pretty good sense of direction.

It's a shame that the body-snatcher had to get shot. Now I'll never find him, eh?

Oh wait...yes I will. Too bad for him - her - uh. Too bad that he's not into that whole "bondage" thing. I'll have to leave Kobold with the kid; I'm pretty confident he can deal with this "Trinity". And in any case I think I can get back fast enough to move Timmy before she finds him.

I wouldn't try to Turn little Timmy, but I think I can grab Dodgy and get him - her - well, you know - to Tigercub for...rehabilitation.

Don't play with fire, kiddies. Candles are dangerous things.

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